Three months back, I was a person who incessantly tethered to smart phones and  always carry mobile to bed.  Checking upon social network apps ( like whatzapp, viber and Facebook)  had become part of my bedtime routine.  Some days , I used to watch TV serial from  mobile. I go to bed early but I kept myself awake by fiddling with the phone. Usually, I shut off my mobile when its past midnight or my eyes begs for rest.

I have read articles about using smart phones before bedtime can mess with our sleep. Few points that caught my attention are:

  • staring at the blue and white light emitted from digital screens prevents your brain from releasing the hormone melatonin,  which lets your body know when it’s time to hit the hay. So it becomes harder to fall and stay asleep.
  • People are exposing their eyes to the stream of photons from smartphones that basically tells your brain, ‘Stay awake! It’s not time to go to sleep yet.

If we didn’t sleep for 7 – 8 hours ,it might lead / cause  :

  • impaired memory
  • ability to think for our problem gets challenged
  • hindrance to regular toxin removal process
  • insulin level may increase
  • etc , etc

I wanted to get rid off this habit, so I took only one resolution in this new year – ” I will never fiddle with my Smartphone at my bedtime”. It was not easy to part with my mobile at bedtime. As long as I carried my mobile to my bed , I was tempted to watch a TV serial or check upon messages. Finally I came up with a solution  –  ” Don’t carry smartphones to Bedroom” , I started to put away my phone in our living room or sometimes I’ll plug it outside to get charged. Initial few days, I was allured and felt something was missing, but after few days, I embraced the slumber sooner than before. Since then I have been successfully leaving my mobile outside and never got the urge to check upon my mobile.

Also, I read somewhere that sleeping next to smart phones is not good for health , it produce some toxic effects on our body. To avoid that , we have to take some precautionary measures like switch to airplane mode or shut it off or keep it away in a distant place.

What I gained from keeping my smartphone away…

  1. less trouble in falling asleep
  2. Quality in my sleep improved
  3. feeling active and fresh in the morning
  4. able to rise early in the morning
  5. got rid of cellphone hangover
  6. No worries about the effects caused by sleeping next to cell phone

Apart from these,  when the alarm starts to sound , I have to get out from the bed to turn it off, In a way it helps me to get up on time.


About shobz

Fun loving and amicable person. Neither an extrovert nor an introvert. Enjoy reading books. Mostly, attracted to health related articles. Passionate about music. Have a long time desire “to sing at a concert”. Striving to be an exuberant and straight forward person. saying that inspire me ” Instead of expecting a miracle; Be the Miracle”.
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2 Responses to unplugging

  1. Ram Kannan Ashok Kumar says:

    Nice one Shob. even I face the same issue. Let me come up with a solution that works for me.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Savvystart says:

    Good one! Lots of agreeable facts. T.T.Rengarajan used to say this in his satsangs – there’s a place for everything. When you start using the bed for checking phone instead of sleep, your body cycle get used to it. This is the same as kids lying down in bed and studying for exams which is not a good idea. My 2 cents 🙂

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