Long back I have happened to read a forwarded message about childhood memories, while reading it, I was smiling and my childhood memories flashed in my mind too. So I wanted to share my unforgettable childhood memories.

When I was small…

  1. Me and my cousins compete each other in climbing trees, we try to climb as high as possible (yes , we were following our great great ancestors).
  2. Whenever I play  carom , kalangai (a game we play using pebbles or gravel stones), if I am about to lose, immediately I end the game by shuffling and throwing away the carom coins or pebbles :), I don’t want to lose heheee. :), Later I get scoldings from my cousins and sister 🙂
  3. During rainy days, We make a paper boat and make it sail in the puddle formed due to  rain. We follow our paper boat and enjoyed getting drenched in the rain. Later I get scoldings from my grandma for getting wet.
  4. When power goes off, we(me, my mom, aunt, cousins) play kho-kho in the moon light.
  5. When I was in 6th grade, I was more intrigued about cross-pollination taught in my botany class , I wanted to experiment it , so I prepared a potion – by mixing pollens of two plant with water and injected them in my moms favorite plant and later found them dead :).
  6. When I was eight , I got a new-born puppy from my neighbor and wanted to raise it secretly. My secret got reveled  in couple of hours or so, then I was asked to return the puppy. I felt sad when I gave back the puppy. (At present, I am very scared of dogs, big story :))
  7. When I was seven, we found a wounded cuckoo lying on the ground , me and my cousins took some leaf,  tried to squeeze and get some juice (like we saw in a famous Rajini movie), But we couldn’t get any juice from our bare hands , so we used a stone to grind the leaf and finally applied the leaf paste in cuckoo’s  wound , hoping it will heal the wound (movie effect :))
  8. When, one of my friend told, Ink comes from tree, I believed it. Funniest part, I searched for the tree which produce ink :).
  9. At one summer vacation, me and my cousins prepared Kootan-Choru, told my cousin we can add some greens . Instead of edible greens I added some other leaf :), next day everyone faced the relevant consequence 🙂
  10. We enjoy dropping flowers in a Dilapidated Well, and just to watch its fanning motion.
  11. At night, Dozed off by counting stars in the sky.
  12. Wondered why I couldn’t see anything when lights went off….. (countless memories to list)

Childhood days , always the best part and cherishable memory in our life. When we were a child we always dream to grow up, but now I wish to go back to my childhood days and be a child again. Impossible!! Hmm Then??  Unleash the inner child within us and bring back all the lively nature when we were a child.  once again be curios, lively and be a happy child.  🙂


About shobz

Fun loving and amicable person. Neither an extrovert nor an introvert. Enjoy reading books. Mostly, attracted to health related articles. Passionate about music. Have a long time desire “to sing at a concert”. Striving to be an exuberant and straight forward person. saying that inspire me ” Instead of expecting a miracle; Be the Miracle”.
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