Last January was a month without take-out and restaurants. Surprisingly it went well. I have to thank my hubby for being very supportive and helping me to fulfill my resolution . There were few exhausting days that triggered me to get take-outs but somehow I pulled myself and cooked simple meal @ home. Few days my hubby took the responsibility and prepared some yummy food. When someone offered me to taste outside food, I told them about my resolution and denied to eat. Only once we bought chappathi from outside, apart from that I had home-made food for a whole month.

Some notes from the past month experience:

  1. “No” to fast-foods : So far I have seen only high calorie foods or junk foods in the fast food shops, also a very limited choices for vegetarian. Hence, I have decided not to dine @ fast-food restaurants unless it’s a healthy food . (Already , as part of my previous month resolution I gave up on junk foods like chips, fries. Now ‘No’ to fast foods 🙂 )
  2. Limited Visits to Restaurants in a month:  Taking a break from regular routine is a pleasant thing to do, if it can be achieved by family dining then it is counted as blissful activity. So Me and my hubby decided to explore various restaurants at least  twice in a month.
  3. No health issues : There will be transparency in home-made food coz we know the ingredients that we put in the dish. Since I was eating home-made food for most of the time, I didn’t have any abdominal related issues like bloating, acid reflex.
  4. Great opportunity to cook amazing dishes : We cooked new healthy foods , also we expanded our cooking style by trying other cuisines like Thai food and Chinese foods.  My hubby cooked some yummy food which was at par to gourmet food. Indeed this gave a restaurant feel @ home.

This February , I would like to focus on parenting and become a better mom. When I am angry or  frustrated or mad – “I Yell @ my loved ones “.  Especially I yell @ my son, when he rejects his food or stay awake till 2.00 and jumps over my head , list goes on. I need to find a way to control my temper and work up on to become a composed person. So this month will be  “A month without yelling” . This will be a biggest challenge for me, hope I could do it.


About shobz

Fun loving and amicable person. Neither an extrovert nor an introvert. Enjoy reading books. Mostly, attracted to health related articles. Passionate about music. Have a long time desire “to sing at a concert”. Striving to be an exuberant and straight forward person. saying that inspire me ” Instead of expecting a miracle; Be the Miracle”.
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