A Month without junk food…

As my bday resolution , I wanted to test my personal boundaries of my needs by challenging myself “to give up something for a month”. Later on, I would assess my experience and decide whether its worth to give-up or it has to be restricted. This idea has been infused in my mind, from one of my favorite blog (Zen habits).

I have started my mission from last December and it was “A month without junk food and deep-fried food items”. Life without junk food is not a stodgy part. whenever I was offered to eat donuts, chips or fries, I voluntarily looked for healthy snacks like fruits, whole wheat fig bar and sandwich.It was quite easy to avoid junk foods and it didn’t lure me to take a bite. But, the biggest challenge was saying NO for home-made fried items, especially when it was served in friend’s place 😦 . I couldn’t  avoid someone’s preparation when I was their guest, it indeed put me in a delicate situation .  Last month, my friend KV invited us for dinner, she made her signature dish – a scrumptious “pal paniyaram” -> deep-fried urad dhal ball soaked in coconut milk.  Hmm, I couldn’t say NO to that and ended up breaking my resolution and had pal paniyarm.  Similar incident were repeated in another friend’s house, same story – she invited us for dinner and she prepared dhal vada , phew second time I broke my resolution and ate 2 vada. Apart from these two incidents, somehow I lived without junk foods and deep-fried items for a month. Hurray, I did it and I feel great about it 🙂 .

Here are my findings from my last month’s experience:

  1. If we avoid junk foods , we would automatically grab something healthy.
  2. In case of traveling or planning for a short trip , (if possible) pack some healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, fig bars.This would avoid the craving for processed foods.
  3. When it comes to deep-fried items, if the ingredients seems to be healthy then go ahead and eat.  But, try limiting  to 2 – 3 pieces. Too much of anything is not good 🙂

During Christmas holidays we were continuously eating out, So this January is  going to be “A month without takeout / restaurant “. I foresee a glitch in this resolution , If I go for a party I can’t ask the host whether  the food is home-made or take out, (unless the host is my close friend). So I have decided to have an exception for this resolution – In parties, Instead of examining whether the food is take out or home-made , I would rather look for healthy foods.


About shobz

Fun loving and amicable person. Neither an extrovert nor an introvert. Enjoy reading books. Mostly, attracted to health related articles. Passionate about music. Have a long time desire “to sing at a concert”. Striving to be an exuberant and straight forward person. saying that inspire me ” Instead of expecting a miracle; Be the Miracle”.
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One Response to A Month without junk food…

  1. riskyradical says:

    Hope I can do this as well

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