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Did you know ? Tips to start your day energetically

Here are few tips to have a peppy morning :  Breathe before you get out of bed  Instead of jumping up immediately when the alarm goes off , Take a few minutes to get focused and clear your mind with … Continue reading

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New year Resolutions…

I have happened to read a post about “New year resolution” in “Zenhabits” blog. Few lines from that post: “we’re finishing 2013 — what new habits will you have then?You can take the usual approach and make a bunch of … Continue reading

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I think I can dance….

Last Sunday, we had a get together a.k.a Pot luck for pongal festival.  In that, Me and my friend Abi gave a 4 mins dance performance. Abi is a great dancer and she is the one, who took initiative for … Continue reading

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A Month without junk food…

As my bday resolution , I wanted to test my personal boundaries of my needs by challenging myself “to give up something for a month”. Later on, I would assess my experience and decide whether its worth to give-up or … Continue reading

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