Red Hot Chilli Pepper – Restaurant Review

Red Hot Chilli Pepper – is an Indo-Chinese Restaurant located in San Carlos, CA. If you are looking for an authentic Indo-Chinese cuisine, this is the right place to dine in. Last Sunday, we (my family and friends) went to this restaurant for lunch. The Restaurant has a great ambiance, everywhere I could see Buddha’s sculpture and sketching. “Buddha” – Perfect choice to denote the Indian-Chinese fusion. :). The walls were painted in red – I presume it depicts “HOT”.

We ordered vegetarian food. For appetizer, we had “Crispy Lotus stem, Chilly Baby corn, Vegetable Momos and Tofu Lettuce cup”. All the dishes were yummy and mouth-watering. My vote is for “Crispy Lotus stem”. It was the first time, I have tasted lotus stem. The dish was little sweet, tangy and mildly spicy. I ordered a Seasonal fruits and Vegetable salad for my son, yep he is a veggie lover just like his mom :). For our en-tree, We ordered Pan fried Noodles, Szechuan fried rice, Devils Vegetables. “Devils Vegetables”, it’s a super-duper spicy, whoever order this dish got to sign in a waiver and if they finish it, they would get free beer for a week – this is what mentioned in the menu. My friends RK and Prad ordered this dish. But, no one asked for their signature :). RK and Prad had devils vegetables along with brown rice. I Just took only one spoon, my god it is indeed “Devils Vegetables”, I could not eat it further,I felt piquant taste due to extreme spiciness. Astonishingly, RK and Prad finished it. Kudos to them. 🙂 Since they ate ultra spicy/hot food , We were worried that they might get  abdomen pain but luckily they were doing good :).

Finally we ended our lunch with a dessert -> “Coconut Ripieno” . It was a coconut sorbet – served in dainty coconut shell.  It  tasted like coconut ice cream and delicious too. We paid our bill(Food price is nominal – it is neither too expensive nor too cheap) and left the Restaurant with a plenitude tummy. In a nut shell, we had delectable and satisfying lunch and I would really go again to “Red Hot Chilly Pepper”.


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  1. Raji MKSamy says:

    Nice post! And did I mention – rich vocab. You should post this as a reading comprehension to GRE and GMAT practice lessons online 🙂

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