Employee exploitation in Bay area restaurant

Recently, we (my family and friends) went out to a renowned South Indian Restaurant. After finishing our meal , we got the bill/cheque and when we went to pay it in the counter,  the restaurant staff who took our food order was at the bill counter. He saw that we have mentioned ‘gratuity fee/tip money’ in the bill and he told us that ” Whatever tips they get from the customers will not be shared/given to the employees instead the amount will be taken by the owner “.  He also told another shocking news, “Since the same owner or his/her family member owns a group of restaurants in bay area , same thing is happening in other bay area South Indian restaurants too”. We have been advised by that employee ” Not to keep tips because it doesn’t reach the employees pocket “.

I have also heard a similar incident from my friend ‘MM’. One of her college friend told that “Not to give/keep tips in bay area Indian restaurants “. When MM’s friend was doing her masters , she did a part-time job in the same south Indian restaurant and she never got the tip amount it seems.

After my experience and hearing the same from MM, I felt the bay area south Indian restaurant owners are exploiting their employees. I really don’t know if there is a way to stop this. From my perspective, I am tipping someone coz I like their service/hospitality. If the concerned person/employee is not being benefited then what is the use of the tip money. So we have decided not to give tips( if we are dining out in any Bay area south Indian restaurants). I really don’t want the owners to enjoy our tip money.

P.S: Do you want to know that restaurant name, Here is the clue: the name starts with a famous god name and another hint : it is also the real name of a renowned Tamil film actor.


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2 Responses to Employee exploitation in Bay area restaurant

  1. aarthi says:

    good one ….. nalla clue to find the restaurant name

  2. Narasimhan V says:

    Thanks a lot for the info. I myself have tipped every time during every visit to these Restaurants. Its a eye opener, and it can save us some $$$$ 🙂

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