Patathu yanai movie review

“Patathu yanai” Tamil movie starring Vishal , Santhanam , Aishwarya( Actor Arjun’s daughter). Movie starts with santhanam wedding catering comedy and followed by our Hero Vishal intro song. Santhanam terminates local dadha(goon) marriage and end up in trouble. So he and his catering crew (vishal, jagan and few more ) move to Thiruchy.  We Thiruchy – ruled by two rival dadhas (Manna and Kasi). our Hero will see our Heroine in thiruchy taddaaaaaaaaaaa ‘Love @ first sight’ followed by the song ‘Enanamo enamo azhagi ada”.

Villain Manna also likes Aishwaraya and he wants to marry her. Ditto “Malaikotai” story line.  Manna plan for an engagement. Vishal will seek help from Rivalry gang (yedhiriku yedhiri nanban da:). They  plot a plan to kill “Manna”. As per their plan ,On the event day vishal and aishwarya run away but soon they will be chased by manna gang. When Vishal can’t run any more , he starts to bash them single-handedly. There we will come to know about vishal’s bitter flash back that includes one more villain ‘Annachi’.

Second half of the movie Vishal will be seen as an Action hero. Both Annachi and Manna wants Vishal to be dead. Vishal make Aishwarya to complete her 12th std exams without getting caught from Manna gang. But on the last exam day, they will kidnap her and arrage for a wedding. Vishal sabotage the wedding and again single-handedly bash them. But in the end Manna and Annachi get killed by Kasi gangster. Enna oru twist.

Seriously I felt “Patathu yanai” is a mix of the movies “Malaikotai, sanda kozhi and RUN”. Santhanam comedy is a big plus for this movie. Second half of the movie seems to be OK. Comedy scenes from the villain side are hilarious. Particularly the scenes : 1)When they plan to catch aishwarya during her examinations 2) When a curly hair gangster tries to speak in english 3) Reading letter. All these scenes were too good :). Coming to Vishal, I got confused whether he is trying to play action or comedy role. on the whole the movie “patathu yanai oru kovil yanai’. Translation nothing new in this movie yet another remake of the movie Malaikotai with different comedy mix. 🙂


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