Reaction for a feedback

If someone gives a constructive feedback, we accept that. What about a negative feedback? How do we react to it? what would be your action? Yesterday, i received one and i overreacted to that :).  I always thought i am open to feedback. But, i am not. Hmm, I can accept only positive and constructive feedback but not the one bundled with harsh words.

I always do a self interrogation before i go to sleep. I asked the following questions 1) Why did i overreact 2) Why am i  not able to accept criticism 3) Am i sensitive . Well i got the answers after few minutes. In my perspective, without criticism there is no self improvement. If you think that you have received the right feedback then accept ; it doesn’t matter whether you have received it in a rude or polite way. If you realize that you got useless feedback of course you know what to do; either ignore or say with an attitude “hey, you are wrong”.  If we ponder much about  negative words it generates negative energy which might make you stress, lessen your self esteem or you might get a bad impression about the person who commented you.

Bottom line, We live in a world filled with cynics. we can’t anticipate diplomatic words from everyone. If you feel the feedback is right , Embrace the message or ignore and move on. We always have choices. It’s up to us what we choose. Now, I can take negative comments and i will not over react :).


About shobz

Fun loving and amicable person. Neither an extrovert nor an introvert. Enjoy reading books. Mostly, attracted to health related articles. Passionate about music. Have a long time desire “to sing at a concert”. Striving to be an exuberant and straight forward person. saying that inspire me ” Instead of expecting a miracle; Be the Miracle”.
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One Response to Reaction for a feedback

  1. Raji says:

    Good start Shobz! I agree to most of what you said about Criticism and the way to take it. And glad to know that you self interrogate regularly. Keep going!

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